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Occupy Sandy Has A New Website:

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 31, 2013

In case you didn’t know, Occupy Sandy is still around, still doing good work, and still online — this time at

Here’s some of what they’re doing right now:

People’s Recovery Summit

A 3-day gathering of workshops, panels, concerts & performances to unite for a more equitable & sustainable rebuilding in Sandy’s wake.

Respond & Rebuild

On-the-ground effort coordinating relief workers, residents, resources, and volunteer power to communities most affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Sheepshead Bay Recovers

We are are a pop-up recovery site located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.


StoryLine is a collaborative documentary for us to share experiences of Hurricane Sandy and relief efforts.

The Restore YANA Project

The YANA rebuild process will be a living example of sustainable and ethical design.

And yes, the Occupy Sandy Registries are still up and running — including the Local Business Registry.

You know what to do.


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From Jailbait To Essential Partners: How Occupy Won Over New York And Jersey

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 11, 2012

Less than two months ago, Mayor Bloomberg was still tossing Occupy Wall Street members into jail on the thinnest of pretexts.

Now, when in the wake of Sandy the OWS folks have shown themselves to be the most effective on-the-ground aid workers imaginable, they are valued partners in the relief effort.

Here, courtesy of an FDL commenter, are some recent and relevant Occupy-Sandy-related tweets:

Some incredible tweets this evening from Red Hook. Check out the photos.

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
Over40 #NatGuard #NYPD Mayor’s Office,business”leaders”@ #OccupySandy mtng @GREEDKILLS @NaomiAKlein @northaura @Remroum

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
#OccupySandy mtng #transparency @mafathom @DiceyTroop @shawncarrie @shushugah @rdevro @mikeburke999 @billmckibben @350

Libor Von Schönau‏@LiborVonSchonau
#OWS in logistical mtng w/ #NatGuards #NYPD & #Bloomberg’s Office™@MMFlint @NaomiAKlein @350 @sharifkouddous @cyberela

In Red Hook, @OccupySandy (!) hosts a meeting b/w local leaders, a Mayor’s rep, the Nat’l Guard, & the NYPD.

reformatted link for above tweet:

And this: (!)

Tonight @OccupySandy’s Red Hook team hosted a meeting where a Mayor’s rep, the Nat’l Guard, & NYPD all got on stack w/ community leaders.

The changed status of OWS is reflected in the changed media coverage, which is almost entirely positive to glowingly positive nowadays.

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New York Daily News Says Nice Things About Occupy Sandy; Minnesota Blogger Nearly Faints

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 8, 2012

Yeah, you read that right. The New York Daily News, which spent much of the past year hating on OWS, just did a favorable article, without a trace of snideness or hippie-bashing, on the Occupy Sandy movement:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Occupy Wall Street has occupied itself with a humanitarian effort: getting supplies to the victims of the storm.

And you don’t have to be in New York to help. Occupy has launched online “wedding registries” on so people wishing to give aid can contribute from anywhere.

Anyone can purchase a gift from the Sandy Registries, which include fleece blankets, coolers, extension cords, flashlights, trash bags, diapers, and even clothing items like socks and underwear.

The items on the New York registry are shipped to the Brooklyn chapter of Occupy’s Sandy relief operation at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill, where they will be taken to those in need. Gifts from the New Jersey registry are sent to Occupy’s outpost at Barrow Mansion in Jersey City.

Looks like the NYDN has joined the ranks of Occupy’s fans. Hey, well, better late than never.

UPDATE: Here’s the main Occupy Sandy link:

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