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Don Lemon: Why Aren’t Gay GOP Candidates Out From The Start?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 20, 2012

Whenever a closeted gay GOP officeholder, candidate, or prominent operative is suddenly forced out of the closet by some act of malfeasance or other scandal, the Republican Noise Machine immediately kicks into high gear, frantically accusing anyone and everyone who dares discuss said GOPer’s activities of hypocritically picking on the poor gay man/woman.

CNN’s Don Lemon has a neat reply: If the Republican Party is such a kind and welcoming home for gays, then why don’t their gays come out on their own? Why do they come out only when they’re forced out for some reason? In the case of Paul Babeu, Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, he came out to his Arizona constituents only after his former lover, a Mexican national named José, accused Babeu — who ran on an anti-immigrant platform — of threatening to deport him should José ever tell anyone that Babeu was gay and was José’s lover.

Democratic candidates like Trevor Thomas and Tammy Baldwin are openly gay and proud of it. By contrast, Mark Neumann, Baldwin’s Republican opponent for Herb Kohl’s Senate seat, is very much anti-gay and is attacking Baldwin because she is gay.

What Lemon, and I suspect most everyone else with an IQ above room temperature, understands, is this:

1. The GOP loves its closet cases, because they’re so much easier to control.

2. If suddenly gay Republicans came out without being dragged out by scandal, that would send a message that the GOP accepts gayness — which means the GOP loses the bigot base that they’ve spent decades cultivating through bigotry-baiting practices such as the Southern Strategy. Na Ga Ha Pen: Without bigotry, they lose.


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Arizona Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Accused By His Male Lover Of Threatening Lover’s Deportation

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 18, 2012

This is just dripping with irony, not to mention hypocrisy:

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu — who became the face of Arizona border security nationally after he started stridently opposing illegal immigration — threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship, the former boyfriend and his lawyer tell New Times.

The latest of the alleged threats were made through Babeu’s personal attorney, who’s also running the sheriff’s campaign for Congress in District 4, the ex-lover says.

He says lawyer Chris DeRose demanded he sign an agreement that he would never breathe a word about the affair. But Jose (New Times is withholding his last name because Babeu and his attorney have challenged his legal status) refused.

Babeu’s pulled out of being an Arizona co-chair for Mitt Romney’s campaign
, but he vowed to continue his congressional campaign and stay in office as Sheriff. Which he no doubt will, until the polling comes back showing that his racist and anti-gay Republican base has deserted him, at which point he’ll be pushed out by his own party. (What’s hilarious about this is his attempts — apparently at the advice of party higher-ups, because now all the state and national Cons rushing to his defense are mouthing variations of it — to paint himself as a victim of liberal homophobia directed against an “openly gay man”. Of course, this “openly gay man” only came out of the closet forty-eight hours ago, when he was dragged out of it by his former lover — and many of Babeu’s associates in the political world had no idea he was gay until they were told about it this week.)

I give him about four months, tops. They’ll want him out of the congressional race at the very least, and have his replacement as congressional candidate in place by July at the latest. He might limp through another term as sheriff thanks to the power of incumbency, but even that’s in doubt.

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