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Yves Smith Catches A Koch Operative Posing As A Progressive

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 17, 2012

The sad irony that the overall utterly unacceptable Ron Paul — unacceptable, that is, if you like among other things Social Security, paved roads, and birth control (for starters) — is on some issues better than many Democrats, including Obama, is the stuff of unending arguments online these days.

In the course of fighting with Veal Pen types deceitfully conflating comparing Ron Paul and Barack Obama on foreign policy and civil liberties with being hardcore Paul worshippers, Yves Smith discovered something interesting about one of the lead attackers:

Who is Megan Carpentier? She’s currently the executive editor at Raw Story. And reading her salvo at Greenwald, most readers would assume she’s a progressive. She’s hectoring Greenwald from a presumed leftist position.

In fact, Carpentier is no such thing. She is a conservative opportunist using her feminist fundamentalism as a cover. She was a lobbyist for seven year and wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post which is noteworthy for trying to improve the public image of lobbyists by stating that they weren’t obscenely well paid, that they really were interested in politics, and that they provide helpful research to Congressional staffers.

But Carpentier is less than forthcoming about her history and her ideological leanings. Her last gig as a lobbyist was for the Tax Foundation, which was an early anti-New Deal outfit founded in 1937 by reactionary oligarchs like GM Chairman Alfred Sloan. It was “financially troubled” when the Koch brothers purchased its name and other assets and made it a unit of their’ “Citizens for a Sound Economy” (CSE in 2004 split into Americans For Prosperity and FreedomWorks). The Tax Foundation newsletter that announced she had joined touts her “extensive experience in promoting sound economic and tax policies to Congress and state legislatures.” In other words, she is a loyal and effective foot soldier for the right.


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