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Study: Obama’s Stimulus Saved America And Made Rich Richer. So Why Do Rich People Hate Him?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 8, 2012

Check out this very interesting study of the effects of the Obama stimulus package.

I’m not bummed out about housing starts still being flat — that was a bubble that needed to be popped.

What I do find interesting is that while most Americans have benefitted mildly — and that the stimulus did save us from a horrific chasm — the people who have reaped the most benefit from Obama are the very folks who are tossing shitloads of money at Mitt Romney.

Go figure.

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Minnesota GOP: Of The Rich, By The Rich, For The Rich

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 4, 2011

Comrade Emmer courtesy of

If, after Tom Emmer’s War on the Waitstaff last year, there was any doubt in anybody’s mind that the Republican Party of Minnesota does not encourage among its ranks any sort of empathy for the average Minnesotan who isn’t a Mr. or Ms. Gotrocks, state legislator and ALEC member Mary Kiffmeyer has erased that doubt quite efficiently:

Minnesota’s liberal-to-progressive blogosphere was aghast today at reading a comment made by Representative Mary Kiffmeyer (R- Smallpond) in the St. Cloud Times:

But Kiffmeyer is skeptical about Dayton’s push for revenue; she believes it’s motivated chiefly by Dayton’s desire to hike taxes on the wealthy.

“It’s not about revenue,” Kiffmeyer said. “It’s about a tax increase, because they want to go after those who’ve actually worked hard.”

No further comment; none needed.

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Higher Taxes Don’t Make Rich People Leave States

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 21, 2011

That’s right: Higher taxes don’t make rich people leave states. And courtesy of Gawker and the WSJ, here’s the proof from Stanford:

The study found that the overall population of millionaires increased during the tax period. Some millionaires moved out, of course. But they were more than offset by the creation of new millionaires.

The study dug deeper to figure out whether the millionaires who were moving out did so because of the tax. As a control group, they used New Jersey residents who earned $200,000 to $500,000–in other words, high-earners who weren’t subject to the tax. They found that the rate of out-migration among millionaires was in line with and rate of out-migration of submillionaires. The tax rate, they concluded, had no measurable impact.

The people most likely to leave were persons age 65 and older — in other words, people who were probably going to retire to sunnier, warmer climes anyway. People who were actually still running businesses and whatnot stuck around.

And there you go.

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