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Norwegian Media: Breivik Part Of International Right-Wing Extremist Group

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 24, 2011

So much for the “lone nut” theory that’s always dragged out and dusted off whenever a right-winger commits an act of terror. That construct is no longer operative, to paraphrase Ron Ziegler.

Ketil B. Stensrud, who has written for the UK’s Independent and Daily Mirror and has a wealth of Norwegian media experience, posted the following on Twitter (if you’re not familiar with Twitter, start from the bottom and read upwards):

Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
..on Monday to be open for world media, so that he can ‘reveal all’. Strong suspicion of OSL/Utøya operation being funded by intnl
Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
..belongs to an international network of right-wing extremists. He’s planned his actions for a long time, and has requested the hearing ..
Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
Pulled over in my car to tweet this.. BREAKING: Breivik’s attorney has, in a radio interview with NRK, confirmed that his client (cont)

And not too long ago, he posted this:

Ketil B. Stensrud
ketilbstensrudKetil B. Stensrud
Police: “Raid in east Oslo linked with new intel suggesting that gunman also owned this particular flat. Six detained, all released w/o bail

Of course, now that Breivik’s been shown to be part of an international right-wing extremist group and that he very likely had help in the planning of his terror attacks, expect the US media to quickly drop this story.  Terrorism is only terrorism if brown-skinned non-Christians do it, as far as the GOP/Media Complex is concerned.

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When Does Mainstream Media Ignore Murderers?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 24, 2011

When does the mainstream media ignore a really lurid murder case involving home invasion and the cold-blooded killings of a nine-year-old girl and her father?

Easy: It’s when the killers are white conservatives and the victims aren’t white:

We’ve been following the [Shawna] Forde case closely from the day it was first reported, in large part because it tells us so much about the mindset and behind-the-scenes operations of would-be border vigilantes.

Indeed, one of the things we look forward most to learning from this trial is the extent to which Minutemen cofounder Jim Gilchrist was involved: there is a considerable likelihood it will turn out he tipped off Forde that federal authorities were looking for her in connection with the murders.

We’re also looking forward to perhaps finally seeing some coverage of the case in the mainstream media — perhaps even Fox News, which has been assiduous in refusing to do so. I have to admit I’m baffled that, in a cable-TV business that prizes riveting audio snippets, it’s gotten so little attention elsewhere.

But then, this case always cut against everyone’s favorite “neighborhood watch” narrative. It’s about time we laid that one to rest for good.

Of course, this was enough to roust Jim Gilchrist from under his metaphorical rock to make a bogosity-laced statement, which David Neiwert promptly shot down.

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