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Unclear of the Concept: TSA Retires the Trophy

Posted by MEC on May 14, 2008


Last year, Congress finally passed a law requiring that air cargo go through a security screening.

So, how is the Transportation Security Administration implementing this law?

By requiring the people who pack the cargo to do the screening.

That’s right. The cargo will be checked for explosives by the people who have the opportunity to put explosives into the cargo. Oh yeah, that’ll work.

How will the companies be screening their employees to make sure none of them is, for example, on the terrorist watch list? And even if the screening ensures that the cargo is safe when it leaves the warehouse, what safeguards are there to keep the cargo from being tampered with while being transported from the manufacturer to the airport?

TSA isn’t alone in being unclear of the concept. Only cargo that’s being shipped on cargo planes must be screened. Cargo being loaded along with luggage onto passenger planes doesn’t have to be screened.

Okay, here’s a thought experiment. You’re a terrorist. You want your act of terrorism to have maximum effect. What target are you going to choose, a plane full of packages or a plane full of people?

It’s enough to make a thinking person think that all the emphasis on Security has some other purpose than keeping people safe.

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