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Eric Magnuson Jumps Into The Slime Pool

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 12, 2010

Remember how I was talking about the slimy move that Tony the Toddler Sutton and the Minnesota Republican Party had planned for today?

Well, here it is: file thousands of data requests in St. Louis and Pine counties, then sue when the already-insanely-busy clerks can’t process your insanely-huge fishing expedition of a request scam right away.

The saddest part: Eric Magnuson, who everyone had hoped would hold himself to the same high standards he followed when he was a judge, has allowed himself to be named the attorney of record for this abomination. With one brutal stroke, he’s besmirched himself almost beyond repair. No amount of money can be worth this loss of reputation.

It would almost be worth it, though, if the fishing expedition managed to invalidate Chip Cravaack’s slim 4,200-vote lead. I suspect that shenanigans went on in the Eighth District, especially when MCCL, which had endorsed Oberstar for years, suddenly switched to Cravaack using the bogus pretext that the new health-care reform bill was pro-choice when in fact it was a big fat giveaway to the anti-choice movement.

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