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Solar Roadways Gets A Nice Writeup From the US DoT

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 11, 2014

The Brusaws have spent about a decade chugging along with their ideas for using paved roads — already-built-upon land, in other words — to get America and eventually the world freed from coal, oil, and nuclear energy.

The US Department of Transportation, via its Federal Highway Administration, has given Solar Roadways boosts at key times. Now it’s given Scott and Julie Brusaw’s brainchild a nice writeup in the FHWA house magazine:


“They have been working diligently to address the many engineering challenges and respond to FHWA technical comments while also marketing themselves and traveling across the country to meet potential investors,” said Eric Weaver, the FHWA research civil engineer overseeing the Solar Roadways contract. “The biggest challenge has been the manufacturing process, which requires hands-on lamination and electronics work on each solar panel, since no facility currently exists that could automate the process.”

Laboratory testing on the textured glass and supporting structure for impact, load and friction showed positive results for function and safety, Weaver said, but field testing is needed to demonstrate the system’s ability to withstand exposure to repeated mechanical and environmental loading while maintaining functional and safety performance.

FHWA’s Eric Weaver is the same person whose words anti-SR sites have been wrenching out of context to make it look like he thinks that SR is a bad idea that could never work. He obviously thinks it’s a very good idea, and worth developing, or he wouldn’t have been featured so prominently in this article.

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Solar Roadways Is Now Hiring!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 23, 2014

When Solar Roadways started their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, they were hoping to get $1 million. They got $2.2 million.

That means that they can set up shop and start hiring the people they need to get the first production batches of Solar Road Panels out before the end of the year:

A big push over the last 24 hours brought thousands of additional dollars into the Solar Roadways campaign, which attracted donations from all 50 states and 165 different countries. The money will be used to hire a team of engineers covering a broad range of specialties. This team will work to solve any potential problems that may arise as Solar Roadways finetunes its first commercial product, which Brusaw hopes to have available by the end of the year.

Following a couple days of much-needed rest, the Brusaws will begin the process of hiring their initial team. They’ve already found office space at the Panhandle State Bank building located on Church Street, making Solar Roadways the latest downtown business to set up shop. With clients like the city of Sandpoint, the Sandpoint Airport and the local Amtrak station already lining up and countless more individuals and organizations expressing interest, the coming year could be big for Solar Roadways.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This could be what saves us all.

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Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 19, 2014

The video above is one of the best distillations I’ve ever seen of the Solar Roadways concept.

Watch it, then go scoot on over to the Indiegogo site to read some more about Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways.

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Solar Roadways Is On Indiegogo

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 28, 2014

Check ’em out:

They want to avoid “going public” as a corporation, because we all know who’d buy them up. And it wouldn’t be us.

So instead, they’re crowdfunding.

Stop by and drop in a coin or two, if you feel so inclined. The society you save will be your own.

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The Solar Roadways People Need To Look Into This

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 31, 2010

One of the biggest holdups in implementing the Solar Roadways vision has been the lack of a glass or other transparent substance strong enough to stand up to the constant abuse delivered by car and truck traffic, yet cheap enough to use on a large scale.

Shell’s Floraphalte may be just what they need, at least for the initial plan to do parking lots first:

Shell Floraphalte represents the next generation of clear binder for the production of high performance coloured asphalts, manufactured using plant based renewable ingredients.

Use it to bind glass chunks, use that as the top layer for the road panels, install in parking lots of big-box stores or fast-food chains. Since parking lots don’t see quite the abuse that interstates do, this is an excellent transitional solution that would allow the Brusaws to get their product out and bring in the cash needed to work on getting a cheap yet interstate-worthy substance for the long haul.

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