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Tim Scott And Pulling Up The Ladder

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2014

Tim Scott, the first confirmed bachelor African-American Tea Party senator, wants you to think that he got to be a United States Senator out of sheer Ayn Randian pluck.

It turns out he had help, particularly from the late John Moniz, a conservative Republican Chick-fil-A franchise owner who was using free meals to groom the young teenager into becoming the Tea Party stalwart he is today:

It was around that time he met John Moniz, the white owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise. Moniz noticed that Scott, a regular customer, could afford only french fries, so he started giving him free sandwiches with a side of life lessons. He taught him conservative values and the mind-set to “think your way out of poverty.”

Moniz became a father figure, and Scott became a Republican.

Which means that now Scott is heavily invested in cutting off the government programs that kept him, his mother and his siblings afloat when he was a child and teenager.


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Shutdown 2 Watch: McConnell Attacks Tea Party, Suicide Caucus

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 1, 2013

Mitch McConnell doesn’t want another government shutdown, yet he’s been reluctant to publicly, in front of cameras and microphones, confront those fellow Republicans of his who do.

His reluctance has officially ended.

He was interviewed by a writer for the right-wing Washington Examiner last week, and McConnell came out swinging against the Suicide Caucusers:

McConnell specifically singled out the Senate Conservatives Fund — a group that has endorsed his Tea Party challenger, Matt Bevin, for the 2014 Republican nod in Kentucky’s Senate race. The incumbent McConnell told the Examiner that groups of that nature are “giving conservatism a bad name.”

“What they do is mislead their donors into believing the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause — which is utter nonsense,” McConnell said.

McConnell is doing what he can, when he can, to avoid another shutdown. Here’s why:

Before the shutdown, McConnell and Boehner had Harry Reid and Obama and Pelosi pretty much where they’d wanted them. Sequestration was locked in for the rest of the decade. No pay increases for federal employees, no hope of bringing in new revenues, but cuts as far as the eye could see.

In order to get the Democratic votes needed to end the shutdown, McConnell and Boehner had to agree to put the sequester on the table, and to a 1% pay increase, the first in three years, for federal workers.

Why? Because the shutdown was, despite the media’s best efforts to pretend that “both sides” were at fault, known to be a Republican production from the get-go. It had been planned by the Republicans’ Suicide Caucus since last January, in fact. And the public rightly blamed them for it.

McConnell knows that Shutdown 2 will, if anything, be an even bigger disaster for the Republicans. The first one happened far enough away from the 2014 elections that with time, and with GOP/Media Complex demagoguing against the ACA rollout, its ill effects would be minimized if not totally countered. But Shutdown 2, including its runup, will happen in January and February of 2014 — right as Republicans will be wanting to get out and fundraise to fight off the Koch-funded Tea Party primary challengers allied with the Suicide Caucusers that gave us the first shutdown and are now jonesing for another one. Worse yet, the very problems with the Obamacare website that they hoped would lead them to victory in 2014 will have faded from the public mind, replaced by a growing number of stories like this one.

The bottom line personally for Mitch McConnell is this: He needs to stand up to the Suicide Caucus now, and try to get them to see reason on the second shutdown they want so fervently, or he not only loses his shot at taking the Senate, he likely loses his Senate seat to his Democratic challenger, Alison Grimes, come November.

The bottom line for the Republican agenda is this: If the Republicans force another shutdown next month, they will injure themselves so badly politically that when February rolls around they’ll be begging Harry Reid to end the sequester for them. Which Harry Reid will be perfectly happy to do.

(Crossposted at Daily Kos.)

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GOP Group Donors Keeping Wallets Shut As 2014 Nears

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 19, 2013

Even as the Republicans and their media allies are trying to make pitiful hay on the website (whose ease of usage has already vastly improved since it opened at the start of the Republican shutdown last month), their biggest institutional backers are still sitting on their wallets for 2014:

The biggest Republican-leaning money machines are spending dramatically less this year to help the party ahead of the 2014 Senate elections, two years after millions of dollars in early advertising by outside groups against Democrats backfired in embarrassing losses in otherwise winnable races.

Groups such as American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce no longer are willing to risk major investments on hard-line conservatives who embarrassed GOP leaders last fall and rattled the confidence of party donors. Many remain concerned after last month’s government shutdown highlighted Republican divisions.

“Is the malaise still there? Yes,” said Lisa Wagner, a Republican fundraiser in the Chicago area. “But they are nervous about giving in light of the shutdown.”

Outside spending on television ads designed to benefit Republican Senate candidates is down almost 60 percent compared with two years ago, according to spending reports provided to The Associated Press. There are signs that the shift is shaping the national fight for the Senate majority.


The elections are a year away, but the slow start on the Republican side means that vulnerable Democrats haven’t had to devote substantial time or resources defending themselves from criticism. Instead, Democrats have been able to stockpile cash ahead of what probably will be nasty and expensive general elections.

What’s interesting is that even as the usual Republican donors are sitting on the sidelines, the Tea Party types — including the Kochs — are rushing in to dump money on unelectable candidates, setting up a replay of 2012 where the Republicans lost their shot at the Senate because of the Teabaggers that won their primaries and then got slaughtered in the general election:

But for now, establishment-minded groups such as Crossroads have been slow to act, and their absence has caught the tea party’s attention. It’s using the vacuum to strengthen its influence while recruiting like-minded candidates.

“Establishment donors are unhappy. They spent a lot of money and didn’t do well,” said Sal Russo, the Tea Party Express political director.

“We’ve been busy,” he added, noting that his organization has interviewed more than 60 candidates this year across 17 states.

The tug of war between such groups isn’t helping Republicans unify around strong candidates.

Iowa’s Senate contest should be a promising pickup opportunity for Republicans. But some candidates in the crowded field have little proven campaign experience.

Outside spending can be helpful but doesn’t always mean success.

Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers, saturated Iowa mailboxes and telephone lines recently to support conservative city council candidates. But they all lost.

Proof that the Kochs don’t always win.

And just think how bad it will be when the Suicide Caucusers shut down the government again in February.

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Three Suicide Caucus Members Considering Taking Off Their Explosive Vests

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 8, 2013

They’re not quite there yet — that’ll take another week and about a five-hundred-point drop in the Dow — but they’re taking the first small steps:

The first cracks are appearing in the Tea Party’s push to dismantle the nation’s health care law as three House lawmakers with ties to the movement said they’d back a U.S. spending bill that doesn’t center on the Affordable Care Act.

GOP Reps. Blake Farenthold of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Dennis Ross of Florida, all of whom identify with the Tea Party, said they’d back an agreement to end the government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling if it included major revisions to U.S. tax law, and significant changes to Medicare and Social Security, as well as other policy shifts.

Last week at this time, they were all for the shutdown because they thought the Democrats would have caved by now. This week, they seem to be getting nervous.

MR’s readers might remember that last week I specifically mentioned Lamborn as someone in the Suicide Caucus who might be in a district that’s not as “safe” as he thinks it is because one out of five of the persons in Colorado Springs, the biggest city in his district, have Federal government jobs. Ross is in a similar situation, though in his case it’s not so much Federal workers as persons getting Social Security, Medicare and VA payments, Florida being a retiree haven. Not sure what the hook is for Farenthold — he barely won in 2010, but won without breathing hard in 2012, albeit against a candidate with far less money and backing. I doubt that it’s his conscience calling.

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The GOP’s ‘Suicide Caucus’: Destroying The Tea Party Brand And The GOP, But Hopefully Not Yet America

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 1, 2013

As I write this, the first day of what looks to be a prolonged shutdown of the Federal government is drawing to a close, the first day of a shutdown that will likely take us to the debt ceiling if not beyond.

The reason? The Republicans’ Tea Party wing, now known thanks to Peter Wehner as “The Suicide Caucus”, demanded it or something like way back at the beginning of 2013.

Here is a map showing the districts of the eighty members of the GOP House’s “Suicide Caucus” (click to enlarge):


Ironically enough, here is a map of the areas with high concentrations of Federal workers (again, click to enlarge):

places with many Federal workers places with many Federal workers - sidebar

Hmmmm. Doug Lamborn represents that red Suicide Caucus dot in Colorado, and he’s based in Colorado Springs. Wanna know what else is in Colorado Springs? Why, just the largest concentration of Federal employees anywhere in America, that’s all.

I suspect that his congressional district might not be as safe as he thinks. And I suspect the same is true of other Suicide Caucus members. The latest Quinnipiac poll hints at this, as it has generic Democrats leading the GOP in 2014 by nine points and climbing.

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The FreedomWorks Implosion: Big Money Beats Handguns

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 26, 2012

I’m cueing up the Warren Zevon for this story on FreedomWorks:

[On the day after Labor Day, 2012] Richard K. Armey, the group’s chairman and a former House majority leader, walked into the group’s Capitol Hill offices with his wife, Susan, and an aide holstering a handgun at his waist. The aim was to seize control of the group and expel Armey’s enemies: The gun-wielding assistant escorted FreedomWorks’ top two employees off the premises, while Armey suspended several others who broke down in sobs at the news.

The coup lasted all of six days. By Sept. 10, Armey was gone — with a promise of $8 million — and the five ousted employees were back. The force behind their return was Richard J. Stephenson, a reclusive Illinois millionaire who has exerted increasing control over one of Washington’s most influential conservative grass-roots organizations.

Stephenson, the founder of the for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America and a director on the FreedomWorks board, agreed to commit $400,000 per year over 20 years in exchange for Armey’s agreement to leave the group.

Dick Armey is a legend in conservative circles. He was one of the leaders of the 1994 GOP effort that saw them taking both houses of Congress. Yet he’s now done, probably for good.

If you wanted any further confirmation that the Tea Party movement is not now a ‘grass roots’ phenomenon but total rich man’s Astroturf, here it is.

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Republican Voter Fraud Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 15, 2012

Always remember — when Republicans accuse others of doing something naughty, it’s very likely because they’re doing it themselves:

More than a year since a state district judge ruled 10 Montgomery County residents voted fraudulently in a Woodlands election, a grand jury last week indicted seven of those individuals for illegal voting.

The indictments stem from the May 8, 2010, election of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1. Ten individuals listed their voter registration address as that of a hotel in order to take control of the RUD board.

Former Montgomery County Judge candidate Adrian Heath heads the list of people charged with the third-degree felony. Heath declined comment, saying he was looking into hiring an attorney. […]

According to indictments released by the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the defendants voted in an election they knew they were not eligible to vote.

Hat tip to Joan McCarter.

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Racist Tea Party Figure RS McCain Freaking Out Over Palin-Rice Sex Story

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 15, 2011

We all were wondering how the Totally Not Racist members of the GOP’s Tea Party/Koch Bircher wing were going to react to the report — confirmed by Rice himself — that Sarah Palin and the very black former callege and pro basketball player Glen Rice had been going at it like minks almost right up to the point she married Todd Palin.

Now we know, thanks to TBogg, who reads Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest Robert Stacy McCain so we don’t have to:

Stacy gets all het up about this possibly because it occurred in the late eighties which means it probably was accompanied by a bow-chicka-wow-wow soundtrack (…as did all sex in those days, kids. Ask your parents. Over diner.):

What a pathetic travesty to see Joe McGinniss, who gained national fame for The Selling of the President, reduced to such a lurid and digusting (sic) excuse for “journalism.” What possible purpose could his claims serve, except as a vile personal smear on a Republican politician who is also a wife, mother and grandmother?

But wait…. What is wrong about a young single healthy white woman wanting to get her badunkadunk bonked?

Oh, I get it.

Stacy is afraid that Sarah’s commonsense conservative heartland, perfectly reasonable, don’t-have-a-racist-bone-in-their-bodies, nosiree bob, fan base might be put off their feed a touch by the image in their heads of  a lithe young Sarah Palin grunting and heaving, her breasts swaying to an almost hypnotic jungle rhythm, as her  white body is ravished while mounted reverse cowgirl style upon the massive black member of an almost Kenyan.

Hell, I’ll bet that Nathan’s — erm, Stacy’s — fantasy life has been immeasurably enriched thereby. To the point where he’s likely buying hand lotion (or Astroglide) by the truckload right now.

By the way: FDL’s invited Joe McGinniss, the author of the book wherein this and other revelations about Palin may be found, to a FDL Book Salon on September 25. Be there as he’ll be in the comments thread ready to take any and all questions.

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Chip Cravaack Versus The Public Good

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 21, 2011

Sally Jo Sorensen and a few other sharp-eyed folk have noticed that freshman congresscritter Chip Cravaack thinks Calvin Coolidge is like the Best President Evarrrr. This despite (or because of?) Coolidge’s staunch opposition to anything that might risk inconveniencing the rich for the public good: Flood control, aid for farmers (as opposed to the corporate entities that drove them off their land), that sort of thing.

Then again, we’re talking about Chip Cravaack, the young ‘un who managed to tick off his biggest boosters, the Republicans running the Duluth News Tribune, when he came out against Federal spending on improvements for Duluth’s airport.

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Kochtopus Coming To Hosni Scott Walker’s Rescue

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 19, 2011

Scott Walker, the newly-installed and Koch-purchased governor of Wisconsin, is pulling yet another Hosni Mubarak move. First he threatened to sic the national guard on protesters; now he’s calling on the astroturf wing of the Republican Kochtopus, the Tea Partiers, to go after the peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square the State Capitol:

In response to the growing protests in Madison, Koch fronts are busing in Tea Party protesters to support Walker and his union-busting campaign. Last night, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz reported on the involvement of Club for Growth and the Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity in the pro-Walker protest scheduled tomorrow.


Koch Industries is a major player in Wisconsin: Koch owns a coal company subsidiary with facilities in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland and Sheboygan; six timber plants throughout the state; and a large network of pipelines in Wisconsin. While Koch controls much of the infrastructure in the state, they have laid off workers to boost profits. At a time when Koch Industries owners David and Charles Koch awarded themselves an extra $11 billion of income from the company, Koch slashed jobs at their Green Bay plant…

Koch front group ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council — helped Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans get elected, and also Republicans in other states, and is the driving force behind the anti-union legislation being readied in several states.

And now the Koch front group Americans for Prosperity is behind the “Stand with Walker” astroturf website: Hosni Mubarak is green with envy.

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