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PowerLine Logic: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Winning Is Losing

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 20, 2012

I generally avoid PowerLine because I can only stand so much anti-truth in a single day and ALEC Cabin Boy John “Hindrocket” Hinderaker seems to view truth the way vampires view sunlight and garlic, but every now and then somebody brings some particularly (and unintentionally) hilarious emanation of his under the spotlight.

So it was when TBogg shared this recent Hinderaker hawking with us:

We are in the early stages of the 2012 campaign season, with a lot of battlespace preparation going on. In the skirmishing so far, one perhaps surprising media advantage has become clear: the right is clobbering the left on Twitter.

Funnily enough, I was on Twitter just now and saw these two tweets that came out a little over an hour ago (here and here respectively) from Election Analysis (

.@MittRomney gained 1,100 new followers, 3,058 mentions, 61 retweets in past 24hrs. Via

.@BarackObama gained 39,228 new followers, 8,779 mentions, 2,908 retweets in past 24hrs. Via

If this is what Assrocket calls ‘winning’ the Twitter war, I’d hate to see what he thinks losing it looks like.

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The Ineffable Sadness Of @mbrodkorb And His Twitter Account

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 18, 2011

Poor Michael Brodkorb. How the mighty have fallen.

He, who has spent the past year playing the role of Gríma Wormtongue to Amy Koch’s Théoden (or is it in her case Éowyn?), and who with Tony Sutton has commanded the Republican caucus at the Capitol like a two-bit Svengali dominating a cadre of exceptionally weak-minded Trilbys, who had been leading the charge for Mike Parry to keep TheoCon Allen Quist from being the one to go down in defeat against Tim Walz next year, is now so far off his game that instead of starting new smears or recycling old rejected ones (the latter task having apparently been farmed out to other local Republicans), he is reduced to making Tweets like this one:

So sad.

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Lying About Tweets: Mike Parry Shows It’s OK, If You’re A Republican

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 15, 2011

Two prominent politicians lied about what they tweeted, and tried to cover it up. One was forced out of politics, the other got a free pass.

The one forced out of politics? A Democrat. The one who got the free pass? A Republican, Mike Parry — who keeps getting free passes and wet kisses from various Minnesota media.

It’s enough to make a cat laugh — or bark, as the case may be.

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The 22 Children of Guantanamo

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 11, 2011

Mohammed Jawad

Here’s one of the stories the news media is assiduously avoiding this week, preferring instead to focus on and demonize innocent and clean Tweets from a Congressman:

In November 2008, the UC Davis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas published a report, “Guantánamo’s Children: Military and Diplomatic Testimonies,” presenting evidence that 12 juveniles had been held, and this was then officially acknowledged by the Pentagon.

The next week, however, I produced another report, “The Pentagon Can’t Count: 22 Juveniles Held at Guantánamo,” providing evidence that at least 22 juvenile prisoners had been held, and drawing on the Pentagon’s own documents, or on additional statements made by the Pentagon, to confirm my claims.

Two and a half years later, I stand by that report, and am only prepared to concede that up to three of the prisoners I identified as juveniles may have been 18 at the time of their capture. In the meantime, I have identified three more juvenile prisoners, and possibly three others, bringing the total back to 22, and possibly as many as 28.

My new research coincides with a new report by the UC Davis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas, “Guantánamo’s Children: The WikiLeaked Testimonies,” drawing on the recent release, by WikiLeaks, of classified military documents shedding new light on the prisoners, identifying 15 juveniles, and suggesting that six others, born in 1984 or 1985, and arriving at Guantánamo in 2002 or 2003, may have been under 18, depending on when exactly they were born (which is unknown, as it is in the cases of numerous Guantánamo prisoners).

And what happened to these juveniles, these minor kids kidnapped from their homelands? UC Davis’ Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas has data for some of them:

Thirteen of the individuals mentioned in this table have now been released. Of the other two, one is the first child
in History to have been convicted of war crimes (Omar Ahmed Khadr); the other allegedly killed himself in his Guantánamo cell at age 21 (Yasser Talal al Zahrani). Information about them and many other prisoners can be found elsewhere in this website; pictures of some of them can be found below.

So regardless of whether one uses the 15 or the 22 figure for the total number of kids held at Gitmo, it’s clear that the majority were found to be innocent of alleged terrorism and released, and should never have been kidnapped in the first place.

Call me evil, but I think that holding innocent kids for months and years without charge (and getting off scot-free for it) is far more of a crime than an innocuous Twitter exchange.

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Things Found On Twitter

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 16, 2010

PhoenixWomanMN Phoenix Woman
@pwire Rep Larson:”We had a Roosevelt moment & responded like Hoover”

Minnesota’s History of Close Elections http://aBetter.MN/NI #stribpol #p2

PatKessler Patrick Kessler
At MN GOP press conf announcing legislature overhaul, more lobbyists in the room than reporters & lawmakers– combined.

SuzanneTwoTon Suzanne TwoTon
Gropey Joe: Lieberman “Comes Down on the Side of Pat-Downs” before TSA Hearing (VIDEO) from @firedoglake

SuzanneTwoTon Suzanne TwoTon
Tea Party FAIL: GOP’s Historic Ban on Earmarks Already History from @firedoglake

SuzanneTwoTon Suzanne TwoTon
Schakowsky Releases Progressive Deficit Reduction Plan from @firedoglake

CharlieQuimby Charlie Quimby
Bachmann, whose family owns a business, doesn’t know diff between gross & personal income. Scary either way.

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