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Steve Minn’s In Trouble Again

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 5, 2013

Persons familiar with the history of Minneapolis over the past twenty years are likely familiar with the name of Steve Minn. Minn is a prominent local developer, former Minneapolis city councilmember under the banner of the Reform Party (what is now called the Independence Party), and longtime blowhard.

Now we find out that, in addition to throwing tantrums like a foulmouthed toddler whenever he doesn’t get his way, Minn creates his own fan base — and army against his enemies — out of thin air:

A bizarre attempt to derail a business rival’s projects at Minneapolis City Hall using fake names and e-mails has prompted city attorneys to investigate allegations against Steve Minn, a prominent local developer who once served on the City Council.

The accusations about Minn are contained in an inch-thick stack of documents delivered to council members and the mayor this week. It was signed by developer Kelly Doran, who has feuded with Minn. Several weeks ago, Doran discovered that Minn had created pseudonyms to influence two development decisions and make online posts about council members.

Minn admitted Thursday to using the pseudonyms. The fake identities — Howard Wilbur, Suzanne Sharp and Louis C. Brown — all appear to be derived from the names of family members.

Shades of John “Mary Rosh” Lott! What is it with conservatives and sock puppetry, anyway?


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