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How Wisconsin’s GOP-Media Complex Made Scott Walker Governor And Propped Up His Presidential Run

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 27, 2015

If you’re wondering how such a blithering idiot like Scott Walker could become and remain governor of Wisconsin, longtime Kossack “Jake formerly of the LP” has your answer: A local and statewide media that is all but totally in the tank for him.

So Scott Walker’s now back here in Wisconsin, pretending to actually do the job the taxpayers shell out 6 figures for him to do, but more likely trying to get a couple of last grabs of money and power for his paymasters before quitting as Governor to grab some “real money” as a lobbyist or rubber-chicken speaker on the wingnut welfare circuit. And the lessons of Walker’s faceplant on the national stage should ring loud and clear back here in Wisconsin, as all of these flaws were evident before he entered the presidential race, but they were never hammered on with enough consistency by the state’s Democrats, and were never followed up on by the paid-off state media.

This sheltered existence Walker got away with in Wisconsin must change and we must do our part to make it change (because the oligarchs and connected inner circle won’t fix this mess on their own – they’re making too much money in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan). If we do it right, and do remove these cancers that are wasting our state away, it could lead to the major changes in Wisconsin’s political landscape in 2016 and 2018. And that might just save this state, and start to restore its reputation as a place that used to attract talent and maintain a high quality of life.

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Look out (slightly) below, worldwide edition

Posted by Charles II on September 23, 2015

Asia down 1-3%

NIKKEI -1.96%
HSI -2.56%
STI -0.90%

US futures slightly greater than -0.5%

FTSE futures, similar

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Snopes is under attack

Posted by Charles II on September 23, 2015

The People’s Cube, a right-wing fake news/”humor” site that confuses hate with humor has accused the people who run Snopes of actual crimes: owners Barbara and David Mikkelson
were detained by police today after an unrelated investigation of a editor lead police onto a paper trail of corruption, bribery, and fraud…

This is being circulated by right-wingers, along with a Photoshopped picture of David Mikkelson supposedly being perp-walked. I do not see any clear indication on the site that it is a humor site.

Barbara Mikkelson is one of my heroes. Snopes is one of the few efforts that have helped to slow down the lie machine. I am saddened that things have fallen to this point.

The lie is being propagated by, among others:




Are right-wingers really this gullible?

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A most beautiful tomato

Posted by Charles II on September 17, 2015

A most beautiful tomato-1 (1)

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Washington Complicit in Honduras Corruption

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2015

Lauren Carasik (Western New England Law School), TelesurTV (June 5th):

As the corruption scandal dogging Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández continues to gather steam, the Obama administration has been notably silent about problems plaguing its ally. This is unsurprising, since the current maelstrom is President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s legacy in post-coup Honduras.

Honduran opposition parties allege that the right-wing National Party received $90 million of an estimated $300 million stolen from the IHSS, the Honduran Social Security Institute. The money, they claim, funded Hernandez’s costly 2013 presidential campaign against Xiomara Castro, wife of former President Mel Zelaya. The funds were apparently siphoned off through fake businesses, some of which wrote checks to the party, and jacked up prices to fund kickbacks. The entire 18-person board of the IHSS is under investigation – all are members of the National party. Meanwhile, several National Party officials filed a suit against Salvador Nasralla, head of the Anti-Corruption party, claiming his allegations of misappropriated funds are defamatory. Underscoring the uphill battle in ferreting out corruption, Roberto Ramirez Aldana, the prosecutor assigned to the case, fled the country in the wake of credible death threats, hampering the investigation. David Romero, the [Radio Globo] journalist who exposed the scandal, has also received death threats. Impunity and silence are enforced by threats and violence in post-coup Honduras.

And since last month the Supreme Court confirmed that the Constitutional ban on seeking a second term was invalid, in a process rife with suspicious irregularities, Hernández is free to run for re-election. Paradoxically, the justification for the 2009 coup ousting former President Mel Zelaya – that both President Obama and then Secretary of State Clinton refused to condemn – was over allegations that he intended to alter the Constitution to allow his re-election.

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Headlines one doesn’t often see

Posted by Charles II on September 7, 2015

Headline, The Guardian:

Wee problem for Canada’s ruling party as urination video sinks candidate

As New Democrat Tom Mulcair said in reaction, clearly a practitioner of trickle-down economics.

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Big Coal Sinking Fast, Taking Paid Deniers With It

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 3, 2015

Courtesy of the Intercept by way of the Guardian, we find out that Big Coal is in a death spiral, and – to the surprise of no one who’s been paying attention – a longtime and heavy funder of various climate-change-denial actions:

We have known for years that privately funded organizations have attacked climate scientists, both in the US and the UK, to the extent that they had to set up a legal defence fund. But we’ve known little about where their money comes from, beyond efforts to connect the dots between different groups.

Now, the bankruptcy filings of Alpha Natural Resources, a large Virginia-based coal company, provide a rare window into the list of political and advocacy organizations the company has funded. E&E Legal (formerly known as the American Tradition Institute) is one of them. Other recipients include the Heartland Institute, which compared climate scientists to the Unabomber, the American Legislative Exchange Council and numerous others.

If Big Coal had invested in, say, large-scale cleantech battery research all the money it had invested into doing things like buying the North Carolina legislature, the businesses that comprise it could have smoothly transitioned away from coal. But of course the bosses don’t care what happens to their workers as the bosses have set up their own golden parachutes, with no doubt further gilding achieved by raiding the workers’ pension funds.

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The Mexican civil war simmers on

Posted by Charles II on September 2, 2015

Dan LaBotz, UpsideDownWorld:

Since June Oaxaca has been occupied by thousands of soldiers and police, and only a few days ago it came to light that in late July the governor had officially called upon the federal government to send the Army, Air Force, and Navy to maintain order. Governor Cué has argued that the strength of la CNTE, which has shown that it can put over 80,000 teachers into the streets, makes it impossible for him to govern without the backing of the military.

Oaxaca has been at the heart of the militant teachers movement, and the federal and state governments are determined to break the union’s significant power there. Since 1992 when, under teacher pressure, the state created the State Institute of Public Education of Oaxaca (IEEPO), the Oaxaca state government has been obliged to hire all graduates of the teachers colleges, which are dominated by the same left groups that lead la CNTE.

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GOP’s E-Ghazi Committee Stored Hillary Clinton’s Emails On Unsecured Network

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 21, 2015

That popping sound you just heard was that of yet another anti-Clinton FauxGate bubble bursting, courtesy of HRC’s new press secretary Brian Fallon (NYT via DailyKos):

“Just as an aside, for the I.G. to now declare the material as classified, since it was provided by State to the House Benghazi committee earlier this year in unredacted form, presumably that means that members of the House Benghazi committee may have unwittingly handled classified material on unclassified systems within the House of Representatives,” Mr. Fallon said.

“Now, I don’t think that anybody here at the Clinton campaign is going to say that members of, say, Chairman Gowdy’s staff should have their computers confiscated for having possibly trafficked in classified material,” he said. “I don’t think we would say that. But that is, fundamentally, the same logic behind the I.G.’s referral to the State Department with respect to Mrs. Clinton’s server, since she was at worst a passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became deemed as classified. Let’s raise that as an aside.”

And guess what?  Fallon was right:

A spokesman for the Democrats on the committee, who make up the minority, said in an email that the documents the committee received were not marked classified, adding, “Like Secretary Clinton, Committee members and staff could not have known to treat the documents as classified when we received them, because it was not marked or easily identifiable as classified information.”


Of course, the Beltway media hate the Clintons so much that they will likely wait until Monday, then try to reinflate the popped FauxGate as if this had never happened.  Because the Clinton Rules are still and always will be in effect.

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Start your day with a song

Posted by Charles II on August 21, 2015

How about Ça Ira

I was reading, in a book about the early American Republic, that this was a song favored by the democratic republicans in their opposition to the American Tories (now known as Republicans)

Also listen to La Carmagnole, written in honor of Marie Antoinette (Madame Veto):

Very peppy.

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