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Republicans: Raping The Public Trust For Private Profit At Our Expense

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 5, 2007

Los Alamos 

(The town of Los Alamos, circa 1960.)

This is what twelve years of a Republican Congress and six years of a Republican president get you:  Once-excellent agencies butchered and plundered, their bounty — paid for by our tax dollars — taken from the public domain and locked away, never to be seen again.

Examples follow past the fold.

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Learn about the tax gap

Posted by Charles II on May 5, 2007

Thanks to Mary B.

IRS Tax Gap Data,,id=158619,00.htmlJoint Committee Tax Gap Reports                                             

Joint Committee 2005 Tax Gap Report          

FY 08 Budget         

JCT Analysis         

Budget in Brief   

Treasury Tax Gap Plan   

Finance Committee (Baucus) website with press releases, etc.

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