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Firefox Is Your Friend…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2007

…and mine. (Especially with the widgets issue.)

Dear IE users: WordPress is doing upgrades to their code that mess up how this site looks in IE if all the widgets in the sidebars are installed. Until these issues are fixed, go to the nearest friendly site that offers Firefox downloads and download the free web browser. You’ll like it a lot.

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Pretty Pictures

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2007

Just because I felt like it, here’s a view of the Root River in beautiful downtown Lanesboro, Minnesota:

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The American Lesion

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2007

(Like your freedoms?  Thank this guy, General Butler.)

Well, well, well.  I see that the goosesteppers running the American Legion are all hot and bothered about John Edwards telling the truth about Iraq.

Those boys are just begging to have their dirty anti-American laundry laid out for all to see, aren’t they?  Rick Perlstein, with assists from Digby and Jonathan of A Tiny Revolution, dumps out the first basket right here.

And I’m going to display the contents of the second basket, by reminding everyone that the American Legion was part of the 1934 plot to overthrow Roosevelt and set up a fascist, Hitler-friendly régime in his place, with Marine General Smedley Butler as the figurehead leader.  Too bad for them that Butler was a real American who detested fascism — he played along just long enough to figure out who and what was involved, then spilled the beans to Congress.

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They Must Have Bought Him Off

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 16, 2007

Remember how our favorite comb-licking nosepicker, Paul Wolfowitz, was going to take down the rest of the World Bank if they moved against him or his girlfriend Shaha Riza?

Well, it looks like the little wuss chickened out — or was bought off — because he’s apparently going to go quietly.

His fellow members of the PNAC Platoon over at the White House are already prepping his Medal of Freedom.

UPDATE:  Hold the phone — looks like Wolfy’s hanging on, after all.   Stay strong, Wolfy!  And take out the IMF while you’re at it!

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Proof that ‘Clueless’ and ‘Evil’ Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Posted by MEC on May 16, 2007

Fred Phelps will picket Jerry Falwell’s funeral.

[Westboro Baptist Church] will preach at the memorial service of the corpulent false prophet Jerry Falwell, who spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like “God loves everyone.”

Are any of the Bushes going to attend the funeral? That means the Secret Service will be there. Hoo boy. I want the popcorn concession.

(H/T Dan Savage in The Stranger)


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