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Reagan, The Precursor To Bush (Drowning In The Bathtub Edition)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 1, 2007


Jane Hamsher reminds us that Bush’s contempt for and corruption of government follows in the footsteps of none other than Old Granpa Ron-Ron — hence his appointing of people like Michael “Heckuva Job” Brown to head FEMA.  The agency that under Clinton appointee James Lee Witt was recognized for its excellent rapid response and proactivity has under Bush been made a laughingstock, just as with everything else Bush and the Republicans have touched together over the past six years.

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Tie their tubes

Posted by Charles II on May 1, 2007

One thing is for certain: abortion certainly causes sterile debate.  

A debate rages today between William Saletan and Katha Pollitt. It is easy to trash Saletan as A Man Who Can’t Possibly Understand What Pregnancy Is, particularly because he has pretensions toward being better than everyone else. Still, both of the sides are full of the sound and the fury, signifying Slate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yippee! We’ve Killed Or Captured The Head Of Al-Qaeda In Iraq! (Again.)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 1, 2007

How do you spot BushCo propaganda generated from Iraq? Here’s three handy hints:

1. The source is the Iraqi government or “unnamed military source.”

2. The U.S. won’t officially confirm it, as they decline to do in this article. (Just as Condi Rice doesn’t dare repeat under oath the same swill she spews on the Sunday talk shows and FOX News.)

3. When they don’t report it right away but save the news for when they want to use it to try to push something else — say, a prostitution scandal involving Republicans — off the headlines.

The Bushies are just creating news the day before Democrats meet with the boy-king to negotiate the Iraq bill — and on the fourth anniversary of “Mission Accomplished” day. (Or trying to create news — NPR, at least, hasn’t given this the screaming headliner coverage that past killings/captures of alleged top Al-Qaeda officials have received.)

UPDATE:  And sure enough, the “we killed Al-Qaeda’s #1 man in Iraq!” story has already been exposed as booooo-gus!  With this being debunked, and the “We captured an Al-Qaeda bigwig!” story being Old News From Last Fall, there are actually no feel-good Al-Qaeda stories for Bush and his minions to parade around today.

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