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The Commissar Vanishes

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 18, 2007

In a sign that Karl Rove and his allies have decided to back away from pimping bogus “voter fraud” claims in the wake of the US Attorneys’ purge scandal (which as most of us know was partially triggered by the Bush Junta’s anger at those USAs who were reluctant to prosecute bogus “voter fraud” claims), the Potemkin group pimping those claims, the American Center for Voting Rights, has not only disbanded, but its erstwhile members have made every effort they could to obliterate all evidence of its existence (and their connection to it) from the Web. How Stalinesque of them.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on May 18, 2007

“Oh no! Does she have a … NEW CAMERA?!?”

Alex Staring

“Yes.” ::sigh:: “She has a new camera. And she’ll be taking more pictures of us with it.” ::grumble::


“What do we care? We don’t live with her.”

Ambott’s Cats

(This week’s Special Guest Cats — Baby Boy, Ella, and Abby — live with ambott of Salon’s Table Talk.)

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The Overton Windows

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 18, 2007

No, they’re not something you can install on your house. But they’re one of the biggest rhetorical tools in the GOP/Media Complex’s bag of dirty tricks. The definitive explanation is here.

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