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Compare And Contrast

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2007

Just Us

Something to ponder when watching today’s House Judiciary Committee hearings featuring Alberto “the Geneva Conventions are so quaint” Gonzales:

On the House Judiciary Committee

Artur Davis (D-AL) was an Assistant USA in Alabama.
Marty Meehan (D-MA) was the First Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County (Boston).
Bill Delahunt (D-MA) was the District Attorney for Norfolk County in Massachusetts for over 20 years.

None of the Republicans on the HJC has ever so much as served in a US Attorney’s office, much less been an AUSA or USA.

And if you’re wondering why the Republicans aren’t asking former GOP Congresscritter and former USA Bob Barr to speak out on their behalf, just go here.

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Why You Should Always Count Your Fingers Before And After Shaking Hands With A Republican

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2007

How scummy are the Congressional Republicans and their leader George W. Bush?

They held a 41-second “session” of Congress right before Bush made some “recess” appointments, just to ensure that they really weren’t recess appointments.

Never, ever, EVER trust them to do right. Ever. It was true three decades ago, and it’s true now:



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Guess Which Story Rates NYT’s Page One And Leads The TV News?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2007


1) A handful of guys in Jersey, with the encouragement of an undercover FBI agent, hatch a plot to attack Fort Dix, a military base guarded by TWELVE THOUSAND soldiers. You know, soldiers — aka “people with actual weapons and the training to use them”? The Jersey boys are turned in by their enabler/informant well before they have the chance to get shot down attempting their little act of stupidity.

2) A group of a few dozen guys in Alabama start a “militia” with the express aim of killing lots and lots of Mexicans, but are busted before they can carry out their plot. Unlike the guys in Story #1, they actually get to the point where they have not just weapons, but tons and tons and TONS of them — and they didn’t have an FBI informant egging them on.

3) Somebody decides to pull an Eric Rudolph and bomb an Austin, Texas women’s clinic; fortunately, the bomb, which was placed in a duffel bag in the clinic’s parking lot, is found and safely detonated before it can harm anyone. Again, this actual act of terrorism progressed well beyond the mere plotting stages of Story #1.

Now, which of these recent terrorism stories got the most coverage?

If you answered “Story #1”, you win. Our media considers #1 to be more important than #2 or #3 because the plotters in #1 were all brown-skinned guys who aren’t Christians.

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