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Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 12, 2011

— John Boehner doesn’t give a rat’s ass about at least fourteen percent of the people in his district.

Mary Jo McGuire is now my new state senator. She beat Greg Copeland, the chair of St. Paul’s Republican Party, with over 80 percent of the vote: 4,059 to 991.

— How freaky is Minnesota state Representative Glenn Gruenhagen? Freaky enough to shock Michele Bachmann into frightened stutterings.

— Go away, Gutshot Tim Pawlenty. Just go away.

[Charles adds: Bluestem Prairie messed up the link to Lussenhop’s piece on Michele Bachmann. Correct link is here.

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Tax protesters

Posted by Charles II on April 12, 2011

From CTJ:

In the days leading up through Tax Day (which is on Monday, April 18 this year) there are several things you can do to promote tax fairness. US Uncut plans direct actions targeting particular corporations that have dodged their taxes. U.S. PIRG and other organizations will have activities outside post offices in several states to create awareness about tax dodging by corporations and to press Congress to act.

US Uncut Demonstrations

US Uncut protests corporations like Verizon and FedEx which have dodged all or most of their U.S. income taxes at a time when lawmakers are cutting basic public services to address federal and state budget gaps.

Find US Uncut events near you.

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