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Tony Sutton, Still Sucking With Money

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 14, 2011

Once again, Sally Jo Sorensen has the details:

Yesterday, the Minnesota Progressive Project wrote that failed burrito baron Tony Sutton’s Republican Party hadn’t paid its bill to Olmsted County. Today, the Mankato Free Press reports that it’s also still in hock to Nicollet County.

Not only does the Republican Party of Minnesota still owe a few grand to various counties in the state five months after the recount ended, its party chair claims that the reason the bills haven’t been paid is because — get this — the RPM’s broke:

[Nicollet County Auditor Bridgette] Kennedy said she not only hasn’t received a penny of payment on the $1,376.01 bill, she hasn’t received any replies or explanations at all to the multiple requests for payment.

“There has been zero response,” she said.

Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton said Wednesday that the party is working steadily toward getting the bills paid and that all counties will eventually be reimbursed.

“The hold-up is we don’t have the money, and we’ve been paying them off as we get the money,” Sutton said. “Everybody will get paid.”


“I appreciate their patience and understanding,” Sutton said.

The RPM, broke? Really? You mean to tell me that the Sunfish Lake and Wayzata crowd that funds the Minnesota GOP can’t lob a few more grand their way? Hell, these folk probably blow that much money in a single weekly poker game.

Speaking of understanding: Back in November, Sutton and his fellow Minnesota GOP bigwigs weren’t very patient or understanding towards county elections officials: Read the rest of this entry »

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