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The morality of Paul Ryan and the Republican Party

Posted by Charles II on April 19, 2011

Phoenix Woman has plowed this field before, but it should never be forgotten that the “conservative” movement has at the center of its morality the murder and dismembering of a 12 year old girl.

Via Think Progress and Thom Hartmann.

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Republicans Are Whiners: Mitch Berg Tea Party Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 19, 2011

Every time I think Republican blogger, Twin Cities low-wattage radio personality and media ref-worker Mitch Berg can’t sink to a new low, he proves me wrong. BSP catches him not only playing fast and loose with numeric comparisons between two recent rallies at the Minnesota State Capitol (kinda like how a fellow Republican, National Review’s James Pethokoukis, does when trying to pretend that far more people showed up to cheer Sarah Palin last Saturday at Madison than to boo her), but being that most mocked of Midwesterners, an honest-to-goodness weather wimp.

Here’s how Mitch Berg described his appearance at the Tea Party rally that was held at the Minnesota State Capitol last Saturday:

It was 33 degrees at noon, when I spoke, and there was snow on the ground, and a cold wet wind was howling from the north giving wind chills in the teens. Not prime rallying weather. More like Valley Forge.

This was how Berg excuses the fact that fewer than a hundred people bothered to show up for the Tea Party rally — a fact that probably ticked off the handful of food vendors who’d set up shop on the Capitol grounds; if any of those poor schmoes made $20 that day I’d be greatly surprised. Read the rest of this entry »

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